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Canada's Crooked Lawyers and Crooked Jodges Destroyed Dr. Kuntz Who Saved Lives & Fixed People

Friday, September 10, 2010

How Canada's Top Law Firms Used A Fraudulent Lawsuit To Destroy A Great Doctor and Line Their Pockets

In the history of mankind, great men, men of genius, men of great intelligence, men of great ability and great talent have often been attacked by lesser souls, by the incompetent, by the jealous, by the stupid, by the craven and the greedy  who take more satisfaction in the destruction of their superiors than in their own success.

When Dr. John David Kuntz moved to British Columbia to take up the practice of medicine, after graduation from the University of Toronto, the local College of Physicians and Surgeons recommended that he set up shop in his speciality, orthopaedic surgery, in Kitimat, a remote small community, population 8,000, in north western British Columbia.  The Vancouver market was already crowded with specialists who did not want more competition and, for Dr.Kuntz, who grew up in the remote northwestern Ontario community of Red Lake, the prospect of spending his working life, near or in "the bush", as Canadians call their wilderness, was not at all unattractive.

Soon after he arrived in Kitimat, Dr. Kuntz came face to face with the grim reality of the industrial resource extraction economy of rural British Columbia in the form of crippled and injured young and middle aged men who had suffered spinal injuries while working. 

Being a man of genius and talent, Dr. Kuntz quickly realized that what was keeping these otherwise healthy men from returning to an active life was the fact that the disks between the vertebrae in their backs had ruptured or collapsed and, at the time, there was nothing that surgery could do for them except a spinal fusion that left them relatively crippled.  Dr. Kuntz put his mind to the problem and, using his native genius and god-given talents invented "spinal disk replacement surgery" at his clinic in Kitimat.

Soon afterwards, Dr. Kuntz was the leading orthopaedic surgeon in British Columbia, doing approximately 50 % of all of the spinal surgery in British Columbia from his medical practice in Kitimat.    The success of Dr. Kuntz caused problems for two entrenched groups.

1.  The other orthopaedic surgeons in British Columbia, especially in Vancouver, who saw their income levels dropping and patient base dwindling because of the genius in Kitimat.

2.  The Workers Compensation system in British Columbia that was facing angry demands for a return of assessments from industrial employers whose workers had returned to work.  The Workers Compensation system  in British Columbia had become an insurance racket where employers of injured workers were fined with heavy up front assessments that were parsimoniously paid to injured workers as paltry monthly benefits.  The incoming lump funds generated a huge cash reserve that supported a well paid, nepotistic, bureaucracy while injured workers and their families struggled to survive on minimum monthly support cheques.

Literally, Dr. Kuntz made the lame walk.  He was a modern miracle worker, like Jesus, and, like Jesus, Dr. Kuntz was crucified by the lawyers and the judges - the Sanhedrin - not because he healed on the Sabbath but because he healed where others could not.

The adversaries of Dr. Kuntz consulted their lawyers, in Vancouver, and hatched a devious and diabolical plan to destroy Dr. Kuntz by using the College of Physicians and Surgeons to stop his work on the grounds it was "experimental medicine" and by launching a "fraudulent" class action lawsuit against him on behalf of 1,700 patients he had allegedly injured by his experimental surgery.

The plan worked.  The medical profession, frightened by the prospect of insurance claims in the hundreds of millions of dollars, payable to some fictictious 1,700 patients, moved quickly to strip Dr. Kuntz of his licence to practice medicine notwithstanding the fact that Dr. Kuntz never treated 1,700 patients and that all, excepting a very few, patients, were living, very contentedly, with the surgery he had performed and many of his former patients signed a petition in support of Dr. Kuntz to help him keep his licence.  There were two such petitions one with 5,000 signatures and another wiht 8,000 signatures.

When the insiders with the Vancouver legal establishment realized the success of their bold and diabolical plan against Dr. Kuntz they then turned their sights on an ever greater fraud against the public treasury by persuading a local politicial party, to promise, as part of their electoral platform, that their government would pay the mecical insurance fees of the doctors and, with this bold statement, the party won the support of the medical profession in British Columbia that was now saved form the prospect of huge medical insurance fees to cover the fraudulent claims against Dr. Kuntz and the support of a number of Canada's leading law firms that made up the Canadian Medical Protective Association, CMPA, and who were set to benefit from the fraud based premiums to by collected from the taxpayers.

At this point, we have to explain to the reader that, in Canada, medical doctors do not pay insurance premiums for malpractice to a properly organized insurance company.  Instead, they make regular  payments to the CMPA, that describes itself as a "not-for-profit, mutual defence organization for physicians, by physicians" and is essentially an association made up of several large Canadian law firms that decide which claims to pay and which ones to resist.   

The lawyers went laughing all the way to the bank, Dr. Kuntz was destroyed and reduced to poverty, every lawyer he hired to resist the fraud against him was disbarred, a series of crooked judges were inserted into every application he made to court to try to get a fair hearing and the fraudulent class action lawsuit against him was quietly dropped because there never were 1,700 injured patients.

How could this happen, you ask, in a democracy, like Canada, that boasts a competent, honest, justice system?  Simple, the judges and lawyers in Canada conspired to deny Dr. Kuntz the basic right to cross examine and challenge his accusers.  And, why did they do this, you ask?  Simple, because they were all connected, in a multitude of ways, to the big law firms that benefited from the huge revenues that were now pouring into the CMPA.