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Canada's Crooked Lawyers and Crooked Judges Destroyed Dr. Kuntz Who Saved Lives & Fixed People

Sunday, August 7, 2016

More Evidence Energing that BC Supreme Court Justice Christoper Grauer is an unconvicted Criminal?

More Corruption By Justice Christopher Grauer

From John David  Kuntz:

Is Chris Grauer A Criminal?
"As you know Grauer was from Bull Housser Tupper and Mary Southin was from Bull Housser Tupper which represented Kitimat General Hospital in De Sousa v. Kuntz and KGH at a time when she was still a Bull Housser Tupper lawyer and their law firm's Chris Grauer was in illegal possession of the false, invalid, untested, judicially sealed July 31, 1986 Investigaton Report which was never entered into evidence at any hearing. 

Chris Grauer was circulating it [the report] in Kitimat in criminal contempt of court and in violation of the 1979 B.C. Evidence Act S.57 (5) and (6), the 1987 sealing Order of Huddart, as well as the 1987 BCCA Order of Lambert upholding the seal and distribution ban. 

Chris Grauer was involved in criminal obstructionof justice and contaminating witnesses to deny me the S11(d) Charter right to a fair hearing by an impartial tribunal. 

Is Mary Southin a Crook?
The "impartial tribunal" was not so "impartial" - it was his partner Mary Southin who sat in conflict Grauer's KGH client from the lawsuit. on a case that started in her law firm when she was a senior partner with Grauer and her first order of business was to dismiss.

She then appeared repeatedly on a five judge bench in violation of S.28(1) of the Supreme Court Act and quoted four pages of the false, invalid, untested, judicially sealed July 31, 1986 Investigation Report to create judicial animus against me because it was distributed onto the shelves of every Law Library in Canada in violation of the Evidence Act, judicial seal and distribution ban."

Editors Opinion.

Mary Southin is a life bencher at the Law Society of British Columbia and if the Law Society were required to re-pay the public for the money some of its members criminally bilked from the taxpayers of British Columbia by way of the fraudulent class action lawsuit against Dr. Kuntz, in which Grauer and Southin played a part, and for which the taxpayers were required to pay and which was later dismissed "by consent" and none of the so-called class of injured patents were compensated because they didn't exist well, then, the Law Society of British Columbia would have to declare bankruptcy and Mary Southin and Chris Grauer should be put behind bars for a very long time .

 Is Bev McLachlin A Crook too? 
And, the faw firm, Harper Grey Easton, which we believe received the lions share of the taxpayers money would have to forfeit proceeds of crime and it too would be broke which why the Law Society. through its political connections, arranged for former Harper Grey Easton partner Christopher Hinkson to become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia and it arranged for former Bull Housser partner Robert Bauman to become the Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal for British Columbia.

And, this crafty legal judicial crime also explains why the Law Society of British Columbia with its many political connections arranged for former Bull Housser Tupper lawyer Bev McLachlin to become Chief Justice of Canada.  Bev McLachlin has suppressed the investigation of many crimes by judges and lawyers in British Columbia.

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