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Canada's Crooked Lawyers and Crooked Judges Destroyed Dr. Kuntz Who Saved Lives & Fixed People

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Does Canada Need Vigilante Death Squads To Clean Up Its Judiciary?

Justice J. Christoper Grauer
Philippines  President Rodrigo Duterte, who is leading a relentless campaign against illegal drugs, recently published a long list of politicians and judges whom he accused of involvement in the narcotics trade.

Since Rodrigo Duterte became president of the Philippines just over a month ago, promising to get tough on crime by having the police and the military kill drug suspects, 420 people have been killed in the campaign, according to tallies of police reports by the local news media.
Most were killed in confrontations with the police, while 154 were killed by unidentified vigilantes. This has prompted 114,833 people to turn themselves in, as either drug addicts or dealers, since Mr. Duterte took office, according to national police logs.
Intelligent observers of the Canadian judiciary have identified several judges in British Columbia who they believe are part of the drug trade including Judge John Lenaghan and Paul Meyers of the Provincial Court Criminal Gang operating in the Vancouver Surrey area who were let a few obvious criminals go free but both judges kept their jobs and put the rest of our community at risk. 
Click here to read how dirty Judge Lenaghan walked drug dealer Sidhu.
Click here to read how dirty Judge and Freemason Paul Meyers walked five drug dealers 
At the same time folks in British Columbia, vigilantes, are asking why is J. Christopher Grauer still on the bench when he was a part of a criminal conspiracy against Dr. John David Kuntz.
Should he not be in jail where he belongs?
How many other cases did he fix?
Is he a part of the Freemason criminal gang in Vancouver and elsewhere in BC that has a notorious reputation for fixing cases?  
What cases is he involved in right now that he is fixing? 
Chief Justice Bev McLachlin
The corruption in Canada goes right to the top and includes Chief Justice Bev McLachlin who broke the Judges Act when she was part of the criminal conspiracy to destroy Dr Kuntz career and profit a few major law firms. Shame on Bev.

Some Canadians believe that there is a vigilante death squad operating in Canada against crooked judges.  12 dirty judges in the Water War Crimes cases suddenly died when their crimes were made public.

Recently the Chief Justice Bauman of British Columbia was warned that more judges might be murdered when three Court of Appeal Judges Elizabeth Bennett, Mary Saunders and Niki Garson were caught committing fraud in the notorious case involving the crimes against the English family whose property and business near Tofino was burned out and looted by public servants. 

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