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Canada's Crooked Lawyers and Crooked Judges Destroyed Dr. Kuntz Who Saved Lives & Fixed People

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Simplicity vs Complexity & More Developments In The Case of Dr. Kuntz

Dr. Kuntz
The key to understanding the absolute corruption involved in the lawyer-led conspiracy against Dr. John David Kuntz is to clearly understand that the massive class action lawsuit filed against him in the 1980's on behalf of 1,900 alleged victims of his experimental procedures and claiming over $300 million (in 1987 dollars) was quietly dismissed by consent shortly after the Government of British Columbia agreed to pay the lawyers involved a huge pile of money. One of the law firms involved in the pay off was Harper Grey Easton where Christopher Hinkson (shown below on right) was a partner.

All of the patients disappeared because they did not exist, proving once again that the bigger the lie the more people are likely to believe it.

But, injustice does not simply disappear.

Recently, the Law Society of British Columbia initiated a legal action against former British Columbia lawyer John Frederick Carten who assisted to publish this blog setting out the details of the lawyer led conspiracy against Dr. Kuntz.

Mr. Carten is a highly credible lawyer who carried on a successful law practice for many years until he too became the victim of some lying, cheating, thieving, crooked lawyers and judges in British Columbia.   

The following are links to a few of the significant cases where Mr. Carten appeared as legal counsel before the corrupt insiders at the Law Society of British Columbia, the Government of British Columbia and Government of Canada turned against him because he refused to join their crooked ways.

Schnurch v. Ploeger, 1991 CanLII 140 (BC CA)

Cooper v. Miller, 1991 CanLII 1444 (BC CA)

Gary Clarke Holdings Ltd. v. Eaglecrest Security Systems Ltd., 1992 CanLII 1650 (BC SC)

Cunningham v. Wheeler; Cooper v. Miller; Shanks v. McNee, [1994] 1 SCR 359, 1994 CanLII 120 (SCC) (Supreme Court of Canada)

John Carten Personal Law Corp. v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 1997 CanLII 2008 (BC CA)

Snowcap Waters Ltd. and Sun Belt Water Inc. v. British Columbia, 1997 CanLII 810 (BC SC)

434438 B.C. Ltd. v. R.S. & D. Contracting Ltd., 1999 CanLII 5128 (BC SC)

In 1998 and 1999, Mr. Carten was attacked, put in jail in a rigged case where he was denied the right to call key witnesses and financially destroyed by a network of crooked lawyers and judges working for Government of British Columbia and Government of Canada

Mr. Carten warned that his life was in danger from the criminals who had attacked him so he went  underground and began investigating judicial and legal corruption in British
Christopher  Hinkson 

The first rule of warfare is to know one's enemy.  When he studied the tactics and methods of the dirty lawyers and judges who attacked him Mr. Carten met many of other victims who had been abused in other cases, including Dr. Kuntz.

It was not a coincidence that two of the key players in the conspiracies against both Mr. Carten and Dr. Kuntz were Robert Edwards, the former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia, and Christopher Hinkson, a former law partner with Harper Grey Easton and the present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia who, according to sources, is also a member of the criminal organization in British Columbia known as Freemasonry. 

Robert Edwards, also a Freemason, is dead and was murdered by a sudden heart attack on November 5, 2007.  Edwards was one of 12 judges involved in the judicial conspiracy against Mr. Carten that suddenly dropped dead when their corruption was exposed online.

Cick here to go to Dead Judges Don't Lie a blog identifying the crimes by the judges in question      

Recently, Dr. Kuntz has joined a several other British Columbia citizen victims of legal and judicial corruption and provided sworn affidavits to support Mr. Carten in a despicable lawsuit brought by the Law Society of British Columbia against Mr. Carten.

Click here to read the affidavits filed in support of Mr. Carten

One of the other lawyers involved in the corrupt conspiracy against Dr. John David Kuntz was  Mr. J. Christopher Grauer who, now, is also a justice on the Supreme Court of British Columbia who, now, is the presiding judge in a case that has all the appearances of a judicial / lawyer corruption case involving the law firm of Nathanson Schacter Thompson a law firm that has developed a notorious reputation for becoming involved in fee disputes with clients who clearly think the law firm was gouging them. 

As a reward for his services in destroying Dr. KuntzJ. Christopher Grauer was appointed to the Supreme Court of British Columbia in April 2008.

Historically Grauer was a founding partner of Dives, Grauer & Harper, a small firm that specialized in civil litigation and health law but before that Grauer was also a partner with notorious gang known as Bull, Housser & Tupperfrom 1988 to 1999, and an associate lawyer and junior partner with that firm from 1981 to 1988.  Bull Housser Tupper played a key role in the destruction of Dr. Kuntz.

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