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Canada's Crooked Lawyers and Crooked Judges Destroyed Dr. Kuntz Who Saved Lives & Fixed People

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The BC Government Media Attempts to Bamboozle BC Public About Court Corruption

On Tuesday, June 14, 2016 6:08 AM, Joe Adam <> wrote:
Dear Ms. Carpenter:
I am writing to follow up on our telephone conversation that was prompted by your press release that contained the following false and misleading statement
I am the lead Editor at Canadian Legal and Judicial Blogs which publishes stories about corruption in the Canadian courts and legal system. These stories are true and some have been published for seven, eight and nine years now receiving many thousands of visitors and remain unchallenged.
There is for example the disgraceful story of the destruction of Dr. John David Kuntz carried out by crooked lawyers and judges.
There is also the huge story of the terrorism by BC government against the English family in Tofino and the role of the legal profession and courts in that case
More recently, there is the tale of the filing of the false and misleading affidavit by Vancouver lawyer Brian Markus who was obviously trying to engineer the theft of the farm owned by Gordon and Catherine Pastula yet the Law Society refuses to investigate the criminal evidence.  
Mr. Carten has been assisting a number of people including Robert Stark a Vancouver janitor who was cheated by crooked lawyers and judges in the BC Courts. Mr. Stark has complained to Attorney General Anton who refuses to investigate the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court as the legislation says she must.
These three stories are part of litigation involving BC lawyer John Carten whom the Law Society is persecuting because he is assisting citizens protect themselves against gangster lawyers and judges.
We have many more blogs out there all doing their job informing the public in Canada and around the world that the BC courts are crooked and that the corruption that is systemic while Attorney General Anton and Premier Clark do nothing.
Mr. Carten maintains the Water War Crimes web site al of  which is true and which has been visited by over 1 million viewers from every country on earth.
BTW, there is some interesting background information on Judge Klinger being a possible pedofile in the affidavit material filed by the Law Society against Mr. Carten that can be viewed at at .
We have not published the information about Judge ______because it is not properly documented but if true it  suggests he is an inappropriate person for the bench and he should be behind bars. Mr. Carten says he was surprised the Law Society filed it on court because it can now be commented upon openly by the media.   
As requested my telephone number is xxxxxx.     
Kindest regards,
Joe Adam
Canadian Legal and Judicial Blogs

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